Two weeks ago we bought a nice, small niche webshop selling cutters and clippers. The store had a name that in American would be something like ”Shaved head”. Since our plan was to pretty quick expand that webshop and stock other products that always used by men and women shaving their heads all day long. And here is were you came in Matt.

Me and my friend sat down and try to come up with a new name for the webshop, since we both are interested in SEO and Google we put our minds together and we came up with the name Kutts for the webshop. Our heads was spinning and we were having very fun. In English, the word cut means exaclty what our products do, the cut hair, shape beards and so on. A little Swedish twist on that last name of you Matt, Googles Super-Guru in Search, simply made the name of the shop.

Swedens largest e-commerce online newspaper quickly picked it up and published it: (the pictures is a translation from Google Translate, klick it to follow, the originally Swedish article is here)

And to you, Matt Cutts, I just want to say thanks for the help with this. When you have the need, we will send you one of the best hair/beardtrimmers around, totally free of cost! ;)


kutts på ehandel